Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cultural attractions in London

During a trip through the city of London can enjoy different tourist proposals . One of the proposals to be considered from the point of view of culture is the famous Guildhall Art Gallery , which is a great gallery with a large number of works of art and it is also a place whose basement we can enjoy the few remaining London 's Roman amphitheater , which is undoubtedly one of the most desirable views .

Also recommended at 111 Cannon Street is to discover the famous London Stone , a stone that has a lot of history and legend that it was a stone that was placed in the temple built by Brutus of Troy and is certainly a historical piece like it among tourists, so it's another option worth to bear in mind .

Also interesting to enjoy is to know the Chelsea Physic Garden , a beautiful garden is open from April until October and is a good idea because that tourists usually enjoy this secret garden in which we are in a historical site dating back to 1673 and also has no less than 5,000 plants .

Logically, it is an option to consider to have a really satisfying break in London and this is something that allows all tourists enjoy really wonderful options to know more about this city so beloved .